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Our Process

The Amadeus Wealth Advisors Process

Phase I: Discovery

We get to know about our client’s family, their values and virtues and ultimately what they'd like to accomplish with their wealth.

Phase II: Assess Risk and Reward

We determine our clients' income needs and longer term objectives within the context of their tolerance for portfolio volatility. Please complete our risk assessment questionnaire to help determine your risk profile.

Phase III: Review Goals

We encourage our clients to review their estate plan and can help facilitate introductions to professionals with appropriate expertise given their goals and objectives.

Phase IV: Implementation

As a manager of managers, we construct a well-diversified portfolio with non-correlated asset classes inclusive of a prudent use of alternative investments.

Phase V: Rebalance and Monitor

Rebalancing can be rigid and/or fluid and is a function of our consensus view of the markets.

Phase VI: Comprehensive Reporting

Please see the related link on our website showing an example of our performance reporting. Time weighted returns in comparison to appropriate benchmarks are industry standard today.